General Profile


> Milestones


Thanks to it's optimal geographical location and solid strength in international trade, Taiwan has started up from light industries and now developed into a high-tech giant of the world. The exceptional efforts of all people on the island under the sound government policies in industrial upgrade have made possible the world admired economic miracle achieved in Taiwan.

Trust Logistics Corp. has over past 28 years developed from air into sea freight, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution centers. With the guiding mottoes of being "Devotion, Action and Commitment", we render most thoughtful and expert services. Throughout Taiwan, Trust Logistics Corp. is the only one offering integrated services, covering sea, inland and air services as well as customs clearance and warehousing. As one of Taiwan's key international airfreight service giant, Trust Logistics Corp. was awarded by China Airlines, the Ten Million U.S. Dollar Golden Medal Award, from 1994 through 1997.


> Global Logistics


Under the global supply chain demand, Taiwan has developed itself into a world-class stronghold in information, semiconductor and such high-tech industries. High-tech oriented products are characterized by a short-lived life span, the trend of zero-inventory and the need of instant availability. Distribution center is readily available to market with easier access to the market place and the key elements of a competitive edge.
To live up to such trends, we, in July 1999, took the lead in completing Taiwan's first integrated "International Logistics Center" in the vicinity of the CKS International Airport. Through the optimal location, comprehensive architectural planning, ultramodern logistic management know-how and overall computerized management system, we take command of storage location and volume amidst the overall central monitoring systems. We have reorganized bonded warehouses, processing mills and value-added services. As a result of such intensive efforts, Trust Logistics Corp. has significantly integrated and upgraded services to satisfy customers in all their needs.


> Quality Service


In our zero-defect quality, we have won widespread acclaim from our world-class key accounts, including Motorola, On Semiconductor, Acer, Sharp, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Analog Devices and Bourns. Since 1990, we have won Outstanding Service Awards from Motorola, that facts well embody our superior services. In our customers-oriented service policy, we offer solution to customers, from setup of distribution centers, internal shelf design, operating procedure planning to distribution channels, we have helped customers economize operating costs and strengthen their competitive edge. Trust Logistics Center was officially accredited by the SGS Group of the UK in May, as Taiwan's sole international logistics center for ISO-9001:2000 which symbolizes our constant support of upgraded services.


> Future


"To fulfill our commitment to utmost customer satisfaction by combining human resources and high-technology together". Under such a guiding motto, we have spared no effort to develop and train high-caliber human resources. We, by teaming up with counterparts in the fields of information, planning, finance, integrating information networks, in customs and airlines, clients and logistics centers, connect Trust Websites and other customer set up response systems, we're taking the initiative to live up to customer satisfaction. Trust Logistics Center vows to become the virtual reality warehouse for Taiwan's high-tech industry.


> Vision


Integrating its member affiliates including Trust Logistics, Trust Customs Brokers and Shuttle Service, we offer integral services in Taiwan, including Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park, , Processing Zones, Bonded Factories and others. Also, we combine with HTFN which has carefully built a global network of reputable agents strategically located to manage shipments to virtually any destination worldwide. All companies must demonstrate financial stability and sound business practices before joining the Network. This framework ensures quality transportation and logistics programs to the farthest reaches of the globe.

In the E-Commerce era, the Internet has made time and distance gaps virtually nonexistent. How to have products delivered to target customers' hands in the most prompt and secured way is the key to success. We will continually strive for integrated international forwarding toward the development of "supply chain integrators", playing a vital role while Taiwan develops itself toward the Asian-Pacific Operations Center. As we aspire to a brilliant tomorrow, Trust Logistics Corp. will mean added momentum toward your greater success.